Discover the joy of Vinyasa flow yoga with raniYOGA



Would you like host a yoga class in your own home? Simply get a group of 4 or more friends or family together and raniYOGA will come to you. Weekends and after hours available, conditions apply.


A regular multi-level class offering a dynamic integration of breath and movement is held on Sunday evenings from 6-7:15pm (Summer months) and 4-5:15pm (Winter months). Classes will be held in Tuggeranong. For details, contact Rani.


Would you like to experience a yoga retreat in the beautiful surrounds of the south coast of NSW? Contact Rani for more information.


I first began practicing yoga in 2007 when my children were primary school age and I was constantly juggling responsibilities as a working mother. Yoga empowered me to reconnect with my body in a positive way and to discover a sense of inner calm and wellbeing. I completed my teacher training with Trinity Yoga in January 2016. I now teach Vinyasa flow yoga - a dynamic form of yoga, where movement is synchronized with the breath. My classes are designed for men and women at multiple levels of ability. Come along and prepare to build strength, fitness and flexibility. You will enjoy the immediate benefits of increased energy and focus and over time and with supported practice, you will come to enjoy greater equanimity in your life.

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Group class reviews
For anyone wanting to either start practising yoga or get back into it this is the class for you! Rani has a wonderful way of allowing everyone in her class to go at their own pace.


Rani's summer classes at the coast were a real treat! Well paced with great verbal instructions and a well rounded session that set me up for the day - physically and mentally. Would highly recommend her classes!


Since joining Rani’s Vinyasa flow classes I have noticed improvement in my flexibility and I am physically fitter. I feel calmer and the quality of my sleep is much better. Rani's calm, assured teaching method and wonderful sense of humour, motivate my personal, physical and mental development.



Contact today for more information about regular classes, private tuition and retreats.